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7:7 - A Dying Card Game

Concept: “Well, it’s like a Living Card Game, but it’s up to all of you to keep it shambling on in a foetid undead state. Its brains have now been splattered gruesomely across the Mӧrk Borg community, decentralized, disaggregated, dismembered, ready to be resurrected at any time through the BLACK MAGIC of the Third Party License.”
A Print and Play Card Game with an Open License.
Writing: Flexible rules account for 3 modes of play. With delightfully characterized (and miserable) scvm.
Consistent use of symbolism and color for quick visual reference of card types and stats. Characterful illustrations and public domain art.
Usable for 1v1, solo play, or as a prompt for randomized Mörk Borg adventures. Has a flexibility license so you can release your own expansions.

A Wizard's Dying Wish and Other Tales

Concept: “A collection of four adventures and five encounter hooks, all created for those gamemasters in need of new ideas to throw at the adventurers.”
Content: A compilation of Philip Reeds pamphlet adventures in a hardcover A5.
Writing: A thick and sturdy scaffold of personalities and events to entertain or eradicate your scvm.
Art/design: Expressive depictions of titular characters and artifacts, easy to navigate maps when provided.
Usability: Encounters can easily be dropped in independently but are thematically consistent for a longer campaign. 

A World Lit Only by Fire

Concept: “Inspired by Godflesh's album A World Lit Only by Fire and the TSR module Against the Cult of the Reptile God”
An accidental quest to save a town from a regime of vampires
Primarily descriptive and mechanical but with some appropriately bloody imagery
Easily navigable map and clearly delineated tables and stat blocks
Even if the PCs succeed, they may still fail (horribly)


Concept: “The artefact which has come into your possession... these notes-however crude they may seem-however cursed and however twisted, are notes that I would guard with my life.”
Content: 40+ nightmarish monsters, a vampire-like class, lore, tables, a dungeon.
Writing: Renford P. Logan’s journalistic endeavors frame this collection of strongly themed creatures and locales. Realistic portrayals of disturbing events lend weight to the creatures and locales. It is enjoyable to both read and reference.
Art/design: Characterful two-tone illustrations and text elements in a balanced layout. Reserved but impactful use of color.
Usability: Thematic organization in a strong table of contents make for low prep referencing. 

Betrayed Phantom

Concept: “Between earth and the beyond, SOMETHING REACHED OUT. You took its bargain, and it took your body.”
A ghostly character class with some distinctive characteristics
Very sharp, efficient, and evocative
Effective layout with brighter colors adding emphasis against a cool ground and image
Versatile; some special features are purely narrative-oriented

Black Lady

Concept: “You dreamed about a black lady silently screaming and pointing the finger at you…”
A retributive, relentless night-haint
Lore and mechanics are both delivered clearly and efficiently
Clearly delineate segments of text and uses color and typeface to add emphasis
Escapable but not killable; has the potential to debilitate long-term guests

Blood of SHE

Concept: “A mighty artefact is hidden in a chilly cavern: the nail that once wounded the mighty basilisk SHE.”
Content: A pamphlet dungeon made for the Crossword Dungeon Jam.
Writing: A dramatic legend of heroic magic turned to a dark purpose. With rules for your scvm to bring this blasphemous tale to an end, or open a new chapter.
Art/design: A pleasant compromise of style and function, a simple design with visual flourish around mechanical text to keep the eye engaged in multiple readings.
Usability: A well-structured pamphlet dungeon for easy reference at the table.

Bog Iron

Concept: “ In the Vales of northern Bergen Chrypt villages harvest bog iron that they charge with blood sacrifes. The area is also plagued by manifesting beliefs. ”
Includes bog-iron weapons, a map of the area, various encounters, and 7 creatures
Adds lots of local color that’s in line with the larger character of the Dying Land
Draws lots of visual tropes from Mörk Borg but still maintains a distinct style
Keep it handy in case the party ever ventures through the region (or if you want some nasty weapons and monsters)

Bone Idiots

Concept: “Some real doofus skeletons”
A group of skeletons played as a single character
Standard class profile with some additional features and d6 special features that change daily
Text is presented readable blocks differentiated by color and arrayed around a dans macabre
The skeletons really like getting drunk

Bone Slave

Concept: “You roam the gods-forsaken realms in your true skeletal form.”
A skeleton character class with some innovative options
Clear, clean, and concise
Would scream “Mörk Borg” if it had any vocal chords
Easily readable and navigable

Boni, your bone companion

Concept: “A disembodied skull with a penchant for rambling stories of old exploits and griping about how things were better in the good old days.”
Some descriptive text, simple mechanic, and sample commentary
Straightforward with humor as dry as an old bone
Text laid out intuitively around the central image
Somewhere between an NPC and a magic item; works well as both

Bony Knuckles to the Face

Concept: “At any time and place in this doomed world, a sarcophagus could appear that was not there the day before.”
Hook and mechanics for an undead (but surprisingly good-natured) fighting pit
Lots of descriptive details, a stable of fun mechanical features, and some interesting variables
Art and layout are very on-brand but with their own unique flavor
Logical, efficient sequential flow

Book of Misery Volume 2: Mork Borg

Concept: “So you're still unprepared??!!!”
Content: A witch’s tome of classes, monsters, artifacts, followers, adventures—and misery.
Writing: Provides exposition to provide backstory to the various monsters, artifacts, and followers to facilitate the unprepared storyteller.
Art/design: Coarse and violent textures produce evocative creature illustrations. Variety in overall design decisions produce a collaborative zine aesthetic.
Usability: Enough content to sprinkle a little variety into your Mörk Borg if you find yourself in need of inspiration.

Burn Your Dead

Concept: “Based on the EP Burn Your Dead by Year of the Cobra”
A 5-room dungeon infested with the undead
Concise descriptions with strong imagery
Text is arranged around the central map; color emphasizes monsters and important actions; and the flame image reinforces the title and creates a sense of advancing danger
Provides no hook, but easy to drop into a game at an appropriate (or unexpected) time

Carmine, blood-drenched skeleton

“Blood as a weapon. You feel it in your bones...because that's all you have left.”
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