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Duncan Hall

Abominable Suturer

“And so, in a world full of monsters, you’ve created one more.”

D is for Dungeon

Concept: “This Mork Borg Compatible alphabet book is both a functioning children's book (it's been Beta tested by my own sordid progeny) and a collection of useful randomizers.”
“1 Dungeon, 1 Character Class, 1 Magic Omnoculous, 23 Tables to roll on, 26 Flies (or more), 489 Monsters and Beasts to fight, and 1 Voracious Vegetable”
Maintains a very Mörk Borg tone while still being suitable for children (though they may need some help with the bigger words)
Uses a variety of visual styles and has a Mörk Borg aesthetic but avoids subject matter that may upset young readers
Includes a search-and-find game as well as serving as an alphabet book and a MÖRK BORG 

What Lurks in the Tall Grass?

“A table of D6 Mörkémon to get you started and simple rules for how to catch them”
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