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Duncan Hall

7:7 - A Dying Card Game

Concept: “Well, it’s like a Living Card Game, but it’s up to all of you to keep it shambling on in a foetid undead state. Its brains have now been splattered gruesomely across the Mӧrk Borg community, decentralized, disaggregated, dismembered, ready to be resurrected at any time through the BLACK MAGIC of the Third Party License.”
A Print and Play Card Game with an Open License.
Writing: Flexible rules account for 3 modes of play. With delightfully characterized (and miserable) scvm.
Consistent use of symbolism and color for quick visual reference of card types and stats. Characterful illustrations and public domain art.
Usable for 1v1, solo play, or as a prompt for randomized Mörk Borg adventures. Has a flexibility license so you can release your own expansions.

Abominable Suturer

“And so, in a world full of monsters, you’ve created one more.”

D is for Dungeon

Concept: “This Mork Borg Compatible alphabet book is both a functioning children's book (it's been Beta tested by my own sordid progeny) and a collection of useful randomizers.”
“1 Dungeon, 1 Character Class, 1 Magic Omnoculous, 23 Tables to roll on, 26 Flies (or more), 489 Monsters and Beasts to fight, and 1 Voracious Vegetable”
Maintains a very Mörk Borg tone while still being suitable for children (though they may need some help with the bigger words)
Uses a variety of visual styles and has a Mörk Borg aesthetic but avoids subject matter that may upset young readers
Includes a search-and-find game as well as serving as an alphabet book and a MÖRK BORG 

Professor Locust’s Mörkédex

“Includes D66 fully illustrated monsters (organized into 6 biomes) to catch, train, and battle.  It also includes a Class, several NPCs, adventure hooks, a map, a printable sheet for keeping track of your Mörkémon, and more!”

What Lurks in the Tall Grass?

“A table of D6 Mörkémon to get you started and simple rules for how to catch them”
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