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food & drink

Blood Ambrosia

“A prince stolen. A deal made in exchange for your life. A Banquet of blood and gore.”

Eat, Prey, Kill

Concept: “When stomachs growl and there’s no inn in sight …”
Mechanics for hunting and whole ecosystems of prey
Macabre imagery and characterizations help flesh out the nature of the Dying World
Illustrations provide additional character and spark GM interpretation
Clean, straightforward layout supported by color and typographical choices

Graven-Tosk Gravöl

Concept: “Brewed by twice-dead druug monks in dank Grift chambers. Imbibed only at funerals or heretical sacrificial rituals.”
A Mörk Borg Smoked Stout as black as Nechrubel’s heart.
Writing: Gritty as Gravöl
Art/design: Dark, bold, graven, heretical.
Usability: Stjørdal and Gotlandsdricka malts, foraged juniper, all run through a traditional Kuurna. Available in Cognition's taproom in Ishpeming, MI. Worth a trip.


“These ugly gluttons are … all too zealous to barter for fatty rich salted foods in exchange for the soupy yellow substance that they naturally produce in the strange fleshy bowl that makes up the top of their head.”

Les Miseredibles

Concept: “Rules for intoxication and carousing, tables for rolling up a tavern, and menus for each of the major regions”
Includes tavern names, characteristics, patrons, and fare (with mechanics for intoxication)
A balanced mix of grim humor and humorous grimness
Fairly subdued use of color but diverse visual elements and typefaces add character and facilitate navigation
Potentially profitable or disastrous for PCs; always entertaining for the GM

Licensed to Ill

Concept: “Listed here are just some of the effects that listening to this LP inflicted upon the Dying World!”
Content: Rules primarily for using and abusing the fabled Brass Monkey, but also includes other Beastly Boys-aligned components
Writing: Takes itself completely seriously, which only makes it funnier
Art/design: A more traditional layout and muted background gradient lend an appropriately dignified air
Usability: Some specialized interactions with other 3rd-party supplements

Marrow Bees & Osteapiarists

Concept: “The Marrow Bees’ honey is tasty and valuable…. if you can get to it. If they don’t bore into your bones and you escape the Osteopiarists.”
Parasitic bees, their (in)toxic(ating) honey, and their keepers
A fair split of flavor and mechanics, both well conceived and written
Subtle but effective representations of colonized humans
Honey mechanics are split, but not detrimental on a 1-page document

Mörk Borg Cult: Feretory

15 contributors
Concept: “A collection of tables, monsters, items, classes, rules and ideas”
Includes a random monster generator, rules for distance travel and subsistence, The Death Ziggurat and Goblin Grinder adventures, rosters of mundane and profane gear, the Grey Galth Inn setting, a gambling minigame, the Black Salt environmental hazard, new character classes (Cursed Skinwalker, Pale One, Dead God’s Prophet, Forlorn Philosopher), and new Powers
Mörk Borg imagery and tone in wide a variety of styles
Matches content to myriad layout and design strategies
The mechanical and expository elegance you expect from Mörk Borg; the monster generator particularly uses dice in a clever way 

Mörk Butt

Concept: “Dare you savor this accursed swine’s succulent rump-flesh?”
Cursed pork that inflicts buttocks-based maladies on those who partake
Highly irreverent and only slightly relevant
Layout and typography meant for easy reference; special guest appearance by Pötatö Borg
A single d6 yields a lifetime of butt woes


Concept: “First Mug in ELMB.”
Rules for drinking bitter bean water from a cursed vessel
A simple, straightforward paragraph describing mechanics
Yellow on black for easy readability; the illustration recalls Lord Byron
Blurs the line between game and meta, but doubles as an actual coffee mug. Clever clever.

Paladin Jam

Concept: “Some fools still believe in concepts like FAITH and MERCY and JUSTICE. … We ambush them, murder them, and squish them into delicious jellies.”
A faith-based spread
Lore and a table of 6 effects based on the main ingredient’s faith
Typographical choices add emphasis and delineate sections; includes a picture if you’re curious what the jar looks like
Goes great on toast (…made from the bones of the righteous)

Pötatö Borg

Concept: It's Just a Potato.
Content: Starchy. Bland.
Writing: No writing at all.
Art/design: Morbid and horrifying. Nightmare fuel.
Usability:  It is said one can boil them, though I prefer to mash them. Some will stick them in a stew.

Pötatö Borg is an independent production by the Ex Libris team and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License. MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.


Concept: “Before you lies a plate of delicious looking meatballs.”
A tantalizing, treacherous treat
Includes a concise setup, test mechanics, and table of effects for partaking
You should not eat meatballs that are this color
Designed to cause conflict amongst players, and that’s always fun
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