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30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook Volume 3:3 Churches

“The heretics rise...
The Death Church of Wokath 
Blessed are the dead, for they shall inherit all! 

The Dismal Church of Nagla 
We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors! 

The Flayed Church 
We bow to that which crawls!

Content: Three heretical religions along with their followers, artifacts, seats of power, and teachings.
Writing: Three faiths enshrined in text. With histories and doctrines proving how fertile cults can spring forth from the infertile soil of a dying world.
Art/design: Design elements and illustrations mingle in rapturous heretical rites.
Usability: Visual and textual motifs allow for easy navigation between the faiths during play. 

Börk Morgue #666

Concept: “An unofficial zine for a Dying World with words and design”
Random tables, optional rules for dice & powers & armor/weapons/combat, pointy teeth, monsters & NPCs … and a Börk Morgue & a Maus Borg
Presented with a personable tone with plenty of wry wit
Art/design: Loaded with Mörk Borg aesthetic elements, color, and some creative layouts
Adds some deeper complexity in some areas (especially complex) and some irreverent variety all around

Böwhoss’ handbook: notes on internal ignition

Concept: “In this volume you will find the most noteworthy, dangerous and strange encounters of my recent voyages.”
A variety of NPCs, monsters, and other hazards as well as a new scroll, a malevolent mushroom, an optional Misery-related madness, a relatively benign tavern, and a much less benign inn
The first-person POV and travelogue style have a folksy and often irreverent tone
Typefaces, engravings, and paintings reinforce the concept while other graphic elements lend some insidious and esoteric atmosphere
Includes player-facing handouts that include lore but no mechanics or GM-specific information

Chapel of Pain

Concept: “In the halls of the dead where flayed men wander, the darkness snuffs out the light. It tears the flames from candle and log.”
Content: A dark temple crawl through a cult of shadows.
Writing: A gory supernatural survival horror. Makes use of light as a resource to maintain suspense.
Art/design: Traditional adventure layout. Gridded, un-gridded, and notated map. Handout images for significant adventure features.
Usability: Not actually a pain. 

Could This Be Dog?

“Visions of dog therefore no dog ahead
Ahh dog, let there be dog
Dog, O dog but still no dog”
Content: An adventure with both more and less dog than expected.
Writing: Solid straight-faced delivery of a laughable case of mistaken temple identity. 
Art/design: A vaguely canine dungeon map, with clean navigable two column format, and a turtle-ish flourish.
Usability: Make sure to play up the visual elements to drive home the absurdity of the situation. Decide on the identity of earthbound that best suits your table. Many map design options.

Crawling Death Below the Dying Forest

Concept: “Beneath the dying forest lies wealth beyond comprehension, magicks all-powerful, and ancient evils which must be stopped!”
A shifting abyssal dungeon crawl with cursed relics, virulent creations, cults, and deep roots.
Epic narrative in scope and scale. A truly impressive creature.
Vicious mixed-media art, earthy maps, and a MASSIVE 23-page table of 54 encounters with accompanying maps.
Generate abysms of varying size with the Atmar’s Cardography deck or dice. Supports 4 adventure themes. Connect them all into one labyrinthine abyssal sprawl.

Cultists of Dying Gods

Concept: “Many of those in the dying world still cling to dying gods—ironically, inquisitors most of all. Most of these dying gods need you to torture or be tortured.”
Includes stats for various cultists and rules for torture and trauma; some interesting rules interactions
Writing: Clear and concise with entertaining cultural and metagame references
Nice public domain art (some color-enhanced) sets the tone for individual cults
Pstress rules are a bit complex but robust rather than complicated

Cult of Mörkius

Concept: “It's Mörkin' time. #MörkiusSweep”
Content: The story of Otel Deraj and a plague of Mörkius apologists.
Writing: Interesting mechanics for a hypnotic monster. Its fangs are drip with satire.
Art/design: Arguably classier than its original subject matter.
Usability: Whatever you do, do not praise Mörkius. That’s how it begins. 

Cult of the Bubbling Waters

Concept: “The cult dedicates the last of their wretched lives to procuring and using the luxurious bubble baths in this abyssal hellscape.”
Tenets and random tables for those seeking to enjoy the Warm Embrace
As with any cult, alternatingly cheery and welcoming or seethingly malicious
Primarily text with graphic elements to aid use
Faster than a real bath and almost as pleasant 

Cultus Incendium

Concept: “We must destroy the world before it can be taken from us.”
An apocalyptic fire cult
Includes the heretical creed, stats for NPCs, and mechanics for gaining new adherents
Color delineates descriptive from mechanical text and adds emphasis in the lore
A versatile, scalable supplement that can provide small encounters, recurring antagonists, and larger strife

From Beyond the Endless Sea

Concept: “Cultists, Bloodhawks, secret island temples, wands channeling the Black Wind, loopy hippies, gnarly artifacts, zombified townsfolk, and the ability to loot your bosses' house - and much more - await you.”
Content: A frenzied mob is overtaking Grift, do something about it.
Writing: Deified mob violence unifies multiple sessions in Grift and provides a potential antagonist for long-term play.
Art/design: Design elements convey the compulsions of a waking god. Consistent use of public domain image backdrops.
Usability: Thoughtful design elements on a large-scale aid in utility and navigation. 


Concept: “An egg hunt riddled with danger and reward!”
Lore, NPCs, items, and schedule for a high-stakes scavenger hunt in the Dying Land
A balance of lore and mechanics with lots of character folded into both
Laid out for easy reference, with graphic elements that add strange, supernatural character
A straightforward toolkit for a grimly humorous adventure

On the Slaughterfront

Concept: “The basilisks demand blessings from Prügl … but she’s already been abducted by another cult.”
A twisted, insect-themed dungeon
Highly descriptive with striking imagery and some clever rimshots
Nice balance of color, text, and graphics that keeps it easily readable
Hollow and full of bugs, just like it should be

Perfidious Protoplasma

Concept: “An expansion that gives the humble ooze its due”
A roster of oozes with rules for the creature type, an ooze-symbiote character class, and an ooze-centered dungeon
Efficiently presents information in each section
Subtle and relatively traditional but still effective in visually reinforcing the concept; dungeon features clean, efficient layouts and design for easy use by GMs
Class is more powerful and versatile than some other classes, but balanced by the monetary and/or inventory cost of feeding the ooze

Psalm IV:I

Concept: “A grimdark adventure module [that] gives the GM a plug-and-play way to explore the 4:1 misery”
An adventure in religion, heresy, deceit, and revenge; incorporates opportunities for PCs to join multiple competing factions, and includes a mechanic for fear effects
Deftly conveys the scenario’s dynamics and delivers information in manageable portions with plenty of gory and macabre details
Efficient layouts and design choices make information accessible while making room for loads of expressive, original illustrations
A more visually elaborate take on the Rotblack Sludge approach to facilitating quick comprehension and easy use
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