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Cannibal Cook

Concept: “Some people are dying. Other people are hungry. You just might have found a way to solve both their problems.”
A character class whose name says it all
Showcases the comedic side of eating people
Clever layout and typographic design with perfect public domain art
Stylized but pretty straightforward

Fool's Gold

Concept: “The Basilisks have imbued the alchemist with great power, anything they touch turns to gold. Return them, dead or alive and great wealth and power shall be bestowed upon you.”
Content: A search for a prized alchemist in the horror house of Althus the Demented. 
Writing: Descriptions that naturally produce a narrative but allow for interpretation. 
Art/design: Informative sidebars and minimap features in clean black and white. Typographic and illustrative elements endcap the reference text. 
Usability: A slightly more expansive introductory dungeon inspired by Rotblack Sludge.

His Delicious Corpse

Concept: “You notice his corpse when…”
Content: An encounter with a delicious corpse, and then with its consequences.
Writing: Tastefully epicurean and tantalizingly specific. 
Art/design: The desaturated black and white image of decay and death stands in shocking defiance of the sensual lies written in yellow and black.
Usability: If you’re going to eat a corpse, it should probably be this one. With ready made “flavor” text and a delicious spread of consequences. You’ll definitely be asking for seconds. 

Immortal Soul (Alma Imortal)

Concept: “This is a story of horror and revenge, driven by individuals who do not accept their fate, reject death and want a second chance.”
Content: A purgatory-escape-crawl for dead Scvm, complete with consequences for the dying world should their spirits perish in the attempt.
Writing: Establishes distinct regions of purgatory to explore, complete with set-piece destination encounters. Supplying enough context, tone, and style to produce flavorful travel encounter in each region as needed.
Art/design: Somber, expansive, and severe imagery compliments harsh setting descriptions to establish purgatory as the crucible that it is.
Usability: Adventure to establish a new campaign, or regroup and return to the dying world stronger after a TPK. Google translation from Portuguese to English makes for the occasional anomaly. 

Making Friends and Eating People

Concept: “Eat your friends. They’d do the same for you.”
Optional rules for upcycling dead characters and benefits for doing so
Darkly humorous and appropriately off-kilter
If Hell has insane asylums and their cafeterias have menus, they probably look like this
The mechanics are nestled in with the flavor text, but if you know what you’re looking for, you’re good to go

Time for Tea

Concept: “This teapot will drive your scvm crazy, but the rewards are potentially limitless…at least for the survivors.”
A surreal string of events revolving around a teapot and some invisible visitors
Clearly traces the album’s thread through descriptions and unified, interlinking rules and mechanics
The text’s hues and temperature contrast well against the ground, and its layout amongst the images creates shapes reminiscent of pouring tea or rising steam
“Do not include this teapot in your game unless your scvm are ready for: inter-party conflict, spilled blood, hypnotism, memory loss, and light cannibalism.”
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