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Börk Morgue #666

Concept: “An unofficial zine for a Dying World with words and design”
Random tables, optional rules for dice & powers & armor/weapons/combat, pointy teeth, monsters & NPCs … and a Börk Morgue & a Maus Borg
Presented with a personable tone with plenty of wry wit
Art/design: Loaded with Mörk Borg aesthetic elements, color, and some creative layouts
Adds some deeper complexity in some areas (especially complex) and some irreverent variety all around

Righteous Paladin of Charlamange

“Righteous Paladins of Charlamange have contracted a disease that slowly transforms them and their equipment into perfect vessels for divine righteousness.”

The Evil Eye

Concept: “a baleful toolkit”
Optional rules for the evil eye (source, gossip, affliction, ward, and aftermath)
Some interesting concepts and foreboding imagery
Borg-ful layouts and colors with lots of macabre eye (or lack of eye) imagery
A set of 5 easy-to-use tables
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