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d100 reasons you miss an attack

Concept: “A random table of silly and serious reasons why your players just missed an attack.”
See above
See entry 61 — “the enemy rips off their arm, and parries with it”
Classic three column layout with strong MBC aesthetics.
Usability: Easy to navigate list. Text small but legible. The reasons are only occasionally situational.

Denizens of the Dying World

Concept: “100 different types of characters; names from the core book + nonsense names of my own choosing. What they know, where it is, what this feels to them, what they can offer in return.”
A random NPC generator for when the PCs ignore the important people and fixate on that one dude
Concise (by necessity) without sacrificing notable detail and character
Wrings maximal character out of a small number of graphic elements


Concept: “A massively expanded version of the generator found in the back of the core rulebook”
Dungeons both many and varied
On par with what you’d expect from demi-official Mörk Borg content
Elegantly presented
GMs will have to arrange and map the dungeon, but the key pieces are all there

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“Common and Rare Encounters and NPCs to fill your Solitary Defilement dungeon-crawls!”


Concept: “Random tables of the macabre and mundane”
Content: A lot of random tables, some of which have a lot of entries
Writing: Strange, grim, and always irreverent
Art/design: Red, black, white, grey—a classic color scheme deftly deployed
Usability: Arranged by category; limited use is free, but full content is unlocked through Patreon

This entry was sponsored by mcglintlock as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.

Mass Combat and Extreme Cold

Concept: “A mini-zine of rules for Mörk Borg Published as part of the Chässe-Galerie zine”
Content: Rules for mass casualties and freezing to death.
Writing: Cold, calculated, and clear as ice.
Art/design: Print-Friendly rules reference, with blackletter headings, and a charming skeleton to indicate which part of your scvm is freezing.
Usability: Versatile OSR rules for allowing scvm to influence a large battle, and easy and practical rules  

Mëch Plant

“A random mëch generator for Mëch Borg”

Mörk Borg Rules Handout

Concept:A concise and flavorful reference for the core combat and survival rules”
A stylish presentation of the core mechanics for player reference
Clearly conveys the mechanics and rules; section headings add ambience and flavor
Content is presented linearly in a clear hierarchy with graphic elements that add character and aid visual navigation
A useful resource for conveying the game’s mechanics and tone to players

Name Thy Murder Stick

Concept: “Your TTRPG character's butcherin' weapon deserves a murderous name... like RUSTY TOE CUTTER”
Content: A three part name generator for your murder sticks.
Writing: Adjective, body part about to come to serious harm, verb.
Art/design: It’s not just a sword.
Usability: Can be used to name existing murder sticks, or as an abstract generator for implements of death.

Path of Doom

Concept: “You awake in an unknown location and realize that you are in a body that is not yours.”
Content: An inspirational campaign generator from the plague years. Complete with locations, quests, lords, encounters, and magic items. Best of all, it’s all metal.
Writing: Full of flavorful narrative prompts to inspire improvisational play, with mechanics to structure them into a mountain hex-crawl. 
Art/design: Dark and gritty line art in a concert poster of a layout.
Usability: Compact and flexible design is suited for experienced groups comfortable with improvisation. Can be easily utilized with multiple fantasy OSR systems. 

Ravings from Skarhuld: The Lost Brother's Bestiary

Concept: “Seeking to expand their pastureland, herders at Sarkash’s edge demolished an ancient, ruined wall. Amidst its foundation stones, they discovered a bundle of papers wrapped in oilskin. Those pages described, among others, the horrors inhabiting myth-spun Skarhuld.”
Content: Skarhuld, maddeningly sketched in prose and random tables. Alongside 20 surreal and miserable monsters to inhabit the dying world.
Writing: Absurdist nightmare horror given text. Amusing, disturbing, and gripping in equal measure. 
Art/design: Cohesive, yet textured. With a familiar structure to the surreal elements.
Usability: Can literally be dropped into your anywhere in time or space. With easy to access tables, a visually engaging map, and navigation by art or table of context.

Reference Sheet

Concept: “You should never feel the need to flip through the book while you’re killing PCs.”
Mörk Borg’s core rules on a single page
Clear and concise
The standard version puts emphasis on efficiency without sacrificing the characteristic aesthetics; available in printer-friendly and minimal versions
A model of usability

Official: English, Swedish
Reglas de Mörk Borg en Español by Unlucky Tales

Rotback Sludge Battlemap

Concept: “A compact variation of the Mork Borg starter adventure, Rotback Sludge, using assets from 2 Minute Tabletop, totally free and Roll20 ready!”
Content: A Rotblack Sludge Battlemap.
Writing: Has a version which includes the rules reference.
Art/design: Lovingly detailed. Clear grid elements incorporated in manmade structures.
Usability: Full color, rules reference, and black and white versions available. Suitable for online or physical tabletop play.


Concept: “A scvmbirther (that’s a noun now) with *only* unofficial third party content!”
Adds a slew of new options; under active development
As per individual scvm; clever reload button
Atmospheric and unintrusive
Linear and clear; links to content docs and source materials


Concept: Random character generator including exclusive content
Content: Includes all character options from the rulebook as well as exclusive content
Descriptions concisely characterize additional abilities
Clean, clear, well-delineated presentation
MBC content can be toggled on/off; includes a print option to save your scvm
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