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30 Days of Mörk Borg Adventure Chapbook vol. 1

Concept: “Plumb the depths of Death's Fort in search of the riches hidden within. Scale the volcano of The Shattered Tunnels to take on the evil Blood Wizard. Wander the Sarkash in search of The Shrine of Evil.”
3 self-contained adventures
Alternately uses descriptive prose and tables to suit each adventure’s content
Art/design: Presents each adventure in a distinct style to suit its character and structure
Content warning: naked antics, poo monsters, and BEAR-THING

Abyss of Hallucinations

“Things are exactly what they seem, yet nothing seems to be what it is. What whimsy worms its way into the warped underpinnings of knowledge?”

Album Crawl

19 contributors
Concept: “A collection of deafening dungeons and auditory misadventures for MÖRK BORG.”
22 music-inspired settings and scenarios; many intriguing rules and foes; alternate Miseries; a whole spread of punishments for unruly dice
Variously fascinating and horrifying
Widely variegated but all nicely done
A couple atypical layouts that reward a bit of scrutiny and patience

Bone Heart Crusaders

“Heeding the call of Adalbert the Warhawk, a host assembled. Thousands of starving soldiers took up sword, flail, cross, and shield. Fight for life, fight to the death.”

Crossing the High Fens

Concept: “A treacherous region, unrelenting weather, and creatures out to get you. This not the place you want to be, but it is the place you need to cross to get there.”
A hazardous hexcrawl packed with locations, encounters, and mechanics for weather and hypothermia
Concise and to the point (by necessity, since it puts a lot of content into only a few pages)
Graphics (particularly page borders) add a sense of character and place
Well organized, typographically conservative and easy to read

Curic’s Cursed Chapbook

“In the days of sunlight, before nightmares blackened the skies and the cursed people claimed the world, there was a traveler by the name of Lukas Curic who enjoyed sharing stories with those he met in the towns and villages of the world.”

Curse of the Rotting Sun

“They say Father Sun left this world years ago, but that is untrue. He descended from the sky and plunged into the earth. Somewhere in Wästland Sun is alive and slowly rotting away.”


Concept: “This hexcrawl is meant to be used with The Death Church of Morkath” [30 Days of MÖRK BORG]
A hex grid for use with
Instructional only; doesn't need any more
Pretty synthwave (emphasis on pretty) with a novel perspective
Usability: Foreshortening adds visual character without detracting from efficiency

Depths ov Depravity

“‘The rotted King must be slain.’”

Der Turm des Totenbeschwörers

Concept: “Soldiers from Schleswig confiscated – and then lost – the necromancer’s most treasured relic, the Swordfishtrombone. It is now up to the PCs to find it.”
A devious hexcrawl inspired by Tom Waits
Clear, concise expression of rules and encounters
Laid out for easy use with plenty of Mörky design choices and touches
Calls for use of MBC titles, but GMs can easily substitute alternatives if these resources aren’t available

Emeric’s Pilgrimage

Concept: “Now cursed for all eternity, he moves a finger-length a year towards the Monastery of the Profane Cross. When he finishes his pilgrimage, the world will end.”
Content: A heroic hexcrawl in three dimensions with multiple options for resolution
Alternatively supernatural, apocalyptic, and humorous; includes a brief overview of the scenario’s folkloric and real-world inspirations
Typographical choices and redundancy of clean, clear maps make for easy navigation
Available in single-page, spread, and booklet formats

False Prophecies

Concept: An album of dungeon synth and dark ambient tracks with accompanying adventure
A physical manifestation of the Sword of Hailstone game app
Provides mechanics for navigating the frozen wastes and lore and stat blocks for what you’ll find along the way
Art/design: Masterfully puzzles the game content into the relatively small space of a fold-out cassette case
Pairs well with Sword of Hailstone materials, which include a fold-out hex map

No Country for Old St. Nick

“It is a dark time for Santa Claus, the world will end soon and there seems no point in trying to sugar plum coat it.”

Peas Offering

Concept: “In ancient times, villagers in fear of the Duck God built an altar deep underground, trying to placate it with gifts and sacrifices.”
A subterranean, duck-themed hex crawl
Includes lore, stats for monsters, and details about the location
Clearly laid out using color, typefaces, and bullet points for emphasis, differentiation, and easy navigation
Pages are in reverse order, but there’s only two of them, so it doesn’t hinder usability


“Inside this supplement, you'll find 100 travel encounters, six new classes, skills to expand your characters, and three adventure locations. One of these locations is Purgatory, where the characters go once they are dead. If they play their cards right, they might return.”
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