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Concept: “A collection of frog-based tropes”
An encounter setting with stats for frog-men, special items, and a frog-man class
Straightforward in its descriptions and exposition of mechanics
Relatively conservative but with plenty of color and character
More of a toolbox for the GM to use rather than a prefabbed adventure

Freakface Toad

Concept: The title pretty much says it all
A seriously ugly—and poisonous—toad
Minimal stats and concise special ability descriptions
Seriously ugly toad
Good for a surprising but not probably not lethal encounter

Hammer of a Killing Crown

Concept: “It’s a simple agreement: You retrieve the artifact. Aalgut exacts his revenge … After that, the unbounded power of the Killing Crown is yours.”
A dungeon crawl. Bufonic treasures. Murderous Crowns. Toadstools. Toads. Spells. Plague.
Writing: Strong and consistent theme and symbolism. Clear mechanics. Incorporates playing cards.
Art/design: Mörk Borg with toadstools (and toads).
Usability: Aesthetics complement the readability. A breeze to read and reference.

The Usual Suspects II

Concept: “a class pack that adds six more Optional Classes to the dying world... including: Goblin Impostor, an enthusiast for costuming, shrieking, and knives…”
Content: Anthology of six absurdly comedic optional classes
Writing: Absolute hilarity delivered in an understated style. Memorable character concepts and mechanics.
Art/design: Tasteful public domain art with three tone coloring and a crisp traditional layout.
Usability: Table of contents for ease of reference and navigation. 
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