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Concept: “Demon monster for Mörk Borg”
A heavyweight monster
Contains lore, stats, special rules, and an array of attacks
Page dominated by the illustration with various text segments contained in small boxes; some red text in blackletter is a bit hard to read against the white ground and black hatching
Particularly suited as a recurring infernal antagonist

Apostate Fence

Concept: “You'll do anything you can to avoid becoming a victim of the machine you helped to create, even if it means selling your soul.”
Content: A fence who laundered their past for an uncertain future.
Writing: Narrative and gameplay elements emphasize apprehension of both the devil you know and the devil you don’t.
Art/design: Public domain art emphasizes a sense of apprehension and foreboding.
Usability: So straightforward it’s criminal. 

Ballad of Bergharuth

Concept: “Tales of an ancient demon prince. Demonic tunes from his flute make the earth tremble and crack open, revealing terrors previously unseen.”
Copious lore, a table of guises Bergharuth takes, and stats for Suffocating Tentacles
A sinister tone and visceral, violent imagery; also includes some nascent adventure seeds
Repetition of organic forms and lines help create a visual unity and graphically represent the concepts described in the text
Could be implemented as a background plot or counternarrative to the primary apocalyptic scenario

Book of Misery Volume 2: Mork Borg

Concept: “So you're still unprepared??!!!”
Content: A witch’s tome of classes, monsters, artifacts, followers, adventures—and misery.
Writing: Provides exposition to provide backstory to the various monsters, artifacts, and followers to facilitate the unprepared storyteller.
Art/design: Coarse and violent textures produce evocative creature illustrations. Variety in overall design decisions produce a collaborative zine aesthetic.
Usability: Enough content to sprinkle a little variety into your Mörk Borg if you find yourself in need of inspiration.


“26 Monster Stats to retheme/supplement the MÖRK BORG core book … to get your monster slaying on in Innistrad!”

First, Do No Harm

Concept: “You’ve been dispatched to fetch Erling from the Raven’s Claw Sanatorium, a patient who is scheduled to be hanged at daybreak on the steps of the Basilisks’ basilica for their crimes of devil worshiping.”
Content: A mystery in a haunted house style asylum, complete with sanity mechanics.
Writing: A transportation of cinematic haunted asylum horror to Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Abstracted text dungeon utilizes typographic elements to imply the structure and functionality of each location.
Usability: Mixed perspectives in an abstract format leave encounter design occasionally open to interpretation. 

Gnoll STL

Concept: "No matter how much the world twists and warps, no matter the distance, no matter the structures of man, it will always know where you are. Always."
A ceaseless agent of revenge in the dying world, rebirthed–in plastic.
Impressive and flexible stat profile make for a recurring early game villain.
Faithful reinterpretation of Mörk Borg’s cover skeleton with an added dimension.
Pre-supported STL files. “Thick” STL design available for tabletop scale figures.

Haunted Demonologist / Demons & Beasts

Concept: “You achieved what all others failed to do, and called a creature from the Beyond.”
Enslave infernal familiars for fun and profit (mostly fun)
Clear, expressive, and entertaining
Good use of color to delineate sections and add visual emphasis; illustrated by appropriate, atmospheric engravings
Simple for the player, and the demon-switching rules provide room for GMs to torment players


Concept: “You are a wandering disturbance, a wide-eyed exhalation of ruin and mirth.”
A character class with frail body and the wild chaotic power of Fairy Magic.
Lighthearted and disturbing, in equal measure.
Unrestrained layout with excellent visual balance and crisp clean line.
Crowded and busy, but frequently referenced text is clean and organized. Pleasant mix of style and utility. Requires Max Moon’s Fairyland rules to utilize all features.

Lore Eye Hellbender

“These strange sad amphibians are born possessed by devilishly intelligent demonic spirits.”

Martolea, Tuesday’s Demon

Concept: “Tuesday’s Demon rambles into desolate villages from its den high in the mountains only after a grisly tragedy has occurred on a Tuesday.”
A bizarre, subversive, brutal beast and  a simmering, horror-themed investigation spanning a few days in a seemingly quiet town
Includes a standard stat block as well as additional attributes and an overview of the monster’s MO; the adventure balances subtle tension and intrigue with moments of overt violence and gore
  Graphic design aids in navigating the adventure; illustrations add lots of creepy visual character
  Includes a town map and an appendix of character sketches for quick reference

Seven Hells and a Dead Paradise

Concept: “in this book you will find Seven Hells to inflict upon your players, and one Dead Paradise. Tie them all together with a Hellish table-crawl, the Eightfold Crypt of the King Orzog”
Content: Seven hells, a lost paradise, a tormented class, body parts, and a dread king’s crypt.
Writing: The history and cosmos of dead gods conveyed in 13 spreads worth of tables and dungeon.
Art/design: Excellent use of public domain imagery as inspiration for the various locals. Tortured sketches of divine punishment.
Usability: Enough material here to flesh out many settings. With an index to use them piecemeal or whole. 

Siege Goat-Demon

Concept: “Unspeakable is the malice that brought the siege goat-demon to life. Stranger still is the purpose of strapping a siege ballista to its forearm.”
An adaptation of DOOM’s Cyberdemon
Predominantly deals with elaborating on attacks and Special
Linear, easy-to-use layout with splashes of red to unify the image and text
Particularly lethal if you put it at the end of a narrow hallway beside a stack of ammunition

The Endless Demon Deck

Concept: “The demons of The Vile Court are escaping the black oubliette in which they have been forgotten. In the process they are chewed, mangled, and remade.”
36 tarot-size cards containing monster heads, trunks, and legs
Each card contains stats and abilities (and the occasional pet)
Monster components are diverse but coherent when aligned; mostly greyscale figures against vivid yellow grounds with occasional highlights or shocks of color
Requires additional resources in The Masticator Gate for full functionality

The Hull House Devil Baby

Concept: “You’ve heard that everyone abandoned the house except for the baby. Or was it because of the baby?”
A floating, telekinetic devil baby replete with horns and hooves
Provides concrete mechanics but leaves the lore and details ambiguous
Easy-to-navigate layout, colors add emphasis and facilitate quick reference, and damn if that isn’t one seriously evil devil-baby head
Lots of room for GMs to adapt situation to their needs
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