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Court of the Grand Executioner

“A pit where the inquisition throws heritics deserving of the worst of fates”

Enter the DOME-icile

Concept: “Beneath a slab of stone embedded in the rock, The Giant’s skull is found… gray matter rife with malice is the perfect catalyst for progressing the cursed calendar.”
Content: A dungeon in a skull, with an evil wizard.
Writing: Surprisingly amicable for an Arch Wizard, providing advice for apprentices on how to generate new cursed magic items to punish thieving scvm. 
Art/design: Striking visual depictions of the Dome-icile, with chaotic design elements consistent with the Arch Wizard’s Goblin Workforce.
Usability: This dungeon is approachable—through the nose or eyes. The text is navigable—and color coordinated.

March of the Lord of Fire

Concept: “The Lord of Fire marches from the Valley of the Unfortunate Undead”
A fire-themed conqueror who raises and commands an undead army against the kingdoms of the Dying Land
Primarily mechanical, but the mechanics themselves provide tons of character and inspiration
The background image reinforces the overall theme and tone without interfering with readability
Highly suitable for a grueling martial challenge

Paladin That...

“Paladin that isn’t scvm and saves the world, and is not weak and is real strong and good at fighting and is like real cool and they isn’t gross and has some like cool armor or a shield and is totally the hero with like a big sword or like a power…”


Concept: “An alternative rule for having players hit more often, while being hurt a lot more!”
PCs can automatically hit but at the expense of lowered defense
Four sentences of mechanics
Text location and color bands help to frame and emphasize the central image
Usability: Expressive typeface takes a moment to read, but concise writing mitigates the minor difficulty

The Shadow of the Wu

Concept: “Inspired by the mysticism of Wushu Theatre and the music influenced by it”
20 Powers and 2 classes inspired by martial arts media
  Straightforward and direct with occasional bouts of humor
  A blend of Eastern art and Mörk Borg color and layout
Some Power descriptions visually intermingle or conflict; not unusable, but takes a moment to parse
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