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Lord Sombrio’s Horse Lottery

Concept: “A business-card sized table to enrich your horse acquisition experience”
A table of four types of horses, each with its own practical features
Quick and descriptive
Stylized enough to add character but without hindering use at intended size
It fits on a business card, but it’s still easier to read when printed full-size

The Farm

Concept: “Since it’s Mörk Borg, you’ve probably already guessed that everything is just fine, and the livestock aren’t slaughtering people or anything like that.”
Animal Farm on PCP
Well-delineated descriptions of individual locations pervaded by visceral charnel imagery and punctuated by sardonic wit and bleak humor
Laid out for easy use with stats and maps proximal to descriptions; includes some gritty, evocative illustrations
Easy to run and guaranteed to get some cringes; not for the body-horror averse

What Can Be Recovered From the Dead Horse?

Concept: “What secrets does the fetid corpse of this horse hold?”
Content: 36 items recoverable from a dead horse, some more useful than others
Writing: Occasionally witty and/or graphic
Art/design: Laid out for usability with table titles in orange to cue the GM
Usability: What—you don’t have a d30?
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