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A Shadow King's Palace

“The setting features rumours, beasts, and various locations. Of course, it also includes random tables.”

Graves Left Wanting

Concept: “The PCs find themselves buried alive in the vast, ever-changing cemetery of Graven-Tosk.”
Content: A macabre, nonlinear graveyard crawl
Relentlessly grim with splashes of gallows humor, especially at the end
Monochrome with purple highlights set the atmosphere beautifully
Well-organized into sections that include relevant stat blocks

The Lonely Throne

Concept: “It is said that that those who sit upon this ‘Lonely Throne’ […] can attract the attention of something buried deep under Graven-Tosk that can grant them treasures and forbidden knowledge… for a price.”
12 random encounters, 3 otherworldly entities, 21 rewards, 8 consequences, and more adventure possibilities than I feel like calculating
A clever concept well executed with lots of descriptive flair
Organized for usability with illustrations and other graphic elements that contribute atmosphere
Linear, dual-column layout makes the document easy to read and navigate

Wayward Corpses

“Shall you find your way out of this twisted, endless place? Or shall you become yet another wayward corpse, doomed to roam here until the Seventh Misery releases you from an undying purgatory?”
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