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Max Moon

Abyss of Hallucinations

“Things are exactly what they seem, yet nothing seems to be what it is. What whimsy worms its way into the warped underpinnings of knowledge?”


Concept: “You are a wandering disturbance, a wide-eyed exhalation of ruin and mirth.”
A character class with frail body and the wild chaotic power of Fairy Magic.
Lighthearted and disturbing, in equal measure.
Unrestrained layout with excellent visual balance and crisp clean line.
Crowded and busy, but frequently referenced text is clean and organized. Pleasant mix of style and utility. Requires Max Moon’s Fairyland rules to utilize all features.


Concept: “Once individuals with a will, they sacrificed their selfhood for the sake of an evil deity parading its atrocities under the guise of morality.”
Standard class profile with 4 optional features befitting its sobriquet
Ruthlessly satirical (and really good at it)
Stylish use of color and texture to break the text into manageable halves with color for emphasis/navigation and a strange but weirdly appropriate illustration
So easy, even a caveman could do it

Paladimwit and the Living Book of Goodness and Chivalric Truth

Paladimwit: “The ultimate and inevitable evolution of the Paladin”

The Living Book of Goodness and Chivalric Truth: “Rife with lore and absent of power, it is an object of great importance to many.”
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