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30 Days of Mörk Borg Adventure Chapbook vol. 1

Concept: “Plumb the depths of Death's Fort in search of the riches hidden within. Scale the volcano of The Shattered Tunnels to take on the evil Blood Wizard. Wander the Sarkash in search of The Shrine of Evil.”
3 self-contained adventures
Alternately uses descriptive prose and tables to suit each adventure’s content
Art/design: Presents each adventure in a distinct style to suit its character and structure
Content warning: naked antics, poo monsters, and BEAR-THING

A Shadow King's Palace

“The setting features rumours, beasts, and various locations. Of course, it also includes random tables.”

Mold Motte of the Shunned Monarch

“On a gods-forsaken hill in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, an old keep stands atop a mound.”

something wicked this way comes

Concept: “Since King Dunkan died and Macdeath sits on the throne of Kamdorr Castle as his successor, no one in the entire city has slept a wink.”
Adapts Macbeth in broad strokes, adding in some additional occult elements and atmosphere
Introductory sections are typographically differentiated; the adventure itself is presented in the clean, accessible style of Rotblack Sludge (with some blood smears and stains for extra character)
Perfect for groups seeking a gothic-horror castle crawl

The Flesh Legion

“The hamlets are exhausted of silver, steel, and most curiously, people. No valuables or personal effects were taken. Just all the people, their money, and their weapons.”

The Forsaken God

Concept: “Destroy the abhorrent cult of the dreaming serpent and plunder the treasures left by the lifeless corpses of its followers.”
A crawl through the castle and its surroundings, including a table to randomize the fortress’s layout
Writing: Ample descriptions of NPCs, locations, and other details
Includes a full-page map and a Mörk-Borgy palette
Mechanics are incorporated into the descriptive text, which may slow some readers and GMs down

The Hadean Fort

Concept: “A Dark Fort - long thought abandoned - stands upon a sinking island on an icy lake.”
A fairly elaborate dungeon inspired by a DNGNGEN creation
Provides copious detail about rooms, inhabitants, and content
Primarily textual, but includes some illustrations and maps
Fairly linear progression obviates need for flipping/scrolling through a relatively lengthy document
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