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Christian Eichhorn

Galgenbeck Sacrifice

“Half of Galgenbeck's population is gone. Most have fallen to Josilfa's scythe. The city seems eerily empty, but nobody notices the citizens' absence. Galgenbeck was always half empty. All is as it should be.”


“Inside this supplement, you'll find 100 travel encounters, six new classes, skills to expand your characters, and three adventure locations. One of these locations is Purgatory, where the characters go once they are dead. If they play their cards right, they might return.”

Temple of the Kraken God

Concept: “‘Steer a ship into the unknown, carry our hopes to alien shores, and restore our destiny.’”
An adventure filled with maritime weirdness and cosmic horror; includes a corruption rule
Sharp and esoteric in descriptive text but clear and efficient when addressing mechanics
A variety of layouts and visual styles ranging from brooding to vibrant
Isolated island setting makes this a good option for anyone seeking a survival-horror adventure

The Vaults of Torment

Concept: “Explore a demon-infested hell-hole below the city of Schleswig.”
A modular, procedurally generated dungeon replete with ambient hazards, elaborate set pieces, monsters, tables for generating inhabitants, a pantheon of demonic gods, and powerful artifacts; also includes terrain “tiles” to print, cut, and assemble during the game
Well written with a grim, gruesome tone and copious imagery to match
A variety of page layouts crafted and organized for easy usability at the table
Easy to use on both the GM and player sides; Zombification provides a countdown clock that adds additional lethality

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