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A Dead Festival

“A miniatures game expansion of death, zombies, things from space and evil trees”

Forbidden Psalm

Concept: “Vriprix the Mad Wizard bids the desperate, brave and foolish to venture into the ruins of Kergus. He seeks the forbidden psalm.”
A full, stand-alone 28mm wargame based on (and compatible with) Mörk Borg
There’s a lot of it—which is necessary for a tactics game—but it’s straightforward and clear in its exposition
A balance of familiar graphic and typographic maneuvers balanced with the technical clarity and readability demanded by a more complex system
A more methodical, strategically oriented game, but a good fit for fans of wargames and Mörk Borg

God’s Goods

Concept: “Many paths may have brought you here. […] Most likely you heard of exotic substances that once tempted the unworthy, but now offer euphoric escape.”
A miniatures- and mapped-based adventure; includes printable tokens and board
Provides a general scenario and specific rules for movement and for deploying and interacting with game pieces
A more traditional layout and monochrome graphics lend a very old-school feel
Doubles as a Mörk Borg and Forbidden Psalm adventure; some assembly required

In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard

“A campaign setting for Forbidden Psalm picking up the narrative where the core book leaves off.”

Just Ice

“One of your little groups past has caught up with them. They plead their innocence as the Guards of the Frozen North drag them off to the Ice prisons of Kergus.”

Mörk Hammer

Concept: “Brutal skirmishes in the grimdark trenches of the dying world”
More nuanced movement and combat rules for miniatures-based wargaming and skirmish-combat experiences
Straightforward exposition of mechanics
Plenty of blackletter, yellow, and splatters with some thematic illustrations
Logically laid out by topics and subtopics; cover sheet doubles as a ruler
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