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Blackpowder Basics

Concept: “Unleash havoc with this set of rules featuring devastating blackpowder weaponry.”
Includes rules for historic firearms, blackpowder mishaps, and a gun-toting character class
Clear delivery of more-complicated-than-average weapon mechanics
On-brand use of color, type, and visual arrangements
Well laid out in discrete sections and easy to navigate

Blackpowder Weapons for the Rich and Foolhardy

Concept: “Expensive, exotic, and very loud”
A variety of firearms, ammunition, and special rules for using them
Concise general and item-specific mechanics
Uses the illustration and ground to differentiate general mechanics and categories of arms
It’s a spiked arquebus blast to the face!


Concept: “No one remembers Blunderbuss’s original name. Everyone knows how it got its new one.”
A trigger-happy township with some heavy-duty arms
Provides some context for the encounter and mechanics for getting shot by a blunderbuss
Art/design: Good use of color and form to pick out significant information
Provides the basics and leaves lots of room for the GM to make it their own

Doorway to Blasphemy

Concept: “In the heart of the filthy marshes, you have come upon a keep overgrown and pulsing with an aura not of this Dying World. The heathen has surely taken refuge in this ruin. You’ll find them through the Doorway to Blasphemy.”
Content: A Mörk Borg adventure and Slipgate into the world of Qvke Borg
Writing: Efficiently describes the many dynamic environmental effects and triggers the define Quake level design in text.
Art/design: Sickeningly detailed map with bold colors that emulate classic Quake texture. Clean text layout with efficient sidebars for each room.
Usability: Surprisingly self-contained, only the explosive rules require Qvke Borg to run. Excellent preview to the full Qvke Borg experience. 

Murderhobo with an Arquebus

Concept: starring Rutger Hauer
Standard class profile with a table of one-liners
An even split between mechanics and flavor
Medieval hobo. Medieval shotgun. Lots of spatter.
Background conflicts with some of the non-critical flavor text

Powderburned Scoundrel

Concept: “BLACKPOWDER. ‘Go ahead, open the barrel.’ A crackling brimstone scent wafted out and I almost choked. ‘That’s the smell of unhinged hubris; the burning bliss of destruction long overdue.’”
Content: A powderburned scvm. Entirely too many explosives.
Writing: A lit fuse, sparkling with wit, and full of explosive potential. High risk and high reward.
Art/design: Tightly regimented text disrupted by only by the weapons of war and muzzle flashes of color. Gunsmoke haze fills the empty space.
Usability: Uses rules from Blackpowder Weapons for the Rich and Foolhardy. 
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