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Buy Low, Sell, DIE

“Keep your finances up to date with d40 financial headlines in a messed up future city.”

Doorway to Blasphemy

Concept: “In the heart of the filthy marshes, you have come upon a keep overgrown and pulsing with an aura not of this Dying World. The heathen has surely taken refuge in this ruin. You’ll find them through the Doorway to Blasphemy.”
Content: A Mörk Borg adventure and Slipgate into the world of Qvke Borg
Writing: Efficiently describes the many dynamic environmental effects and triggers the define Quake level design in text.
Art/design: Sickeningly detailed map with bold colors that emulate classic Quake texture. Clean text layout with efficient sidebars for each room.
Usability: Surprisingly self-contained, only the explosive rules require Qvke Borg to run. Excellent preview to the full Qvke Borg experience. 

Erratical Freak

“Hunted by the Bihelix Genetica megacorp, this unstable runaway test subject is trying to find traces of their nonexistent past life.”

Fangirl of Deserter

“The best prog-bit post-chrome var synth deafcore band in CY. You are their most loyal number one psychofan, booted and permabanned from every fanpage for overzealousness and fanaticism.”

Mäinframe gLeech

Concept: “A Lattice-lurking, ICE-melting cortex hacker on steroids”
A cyberpunk meat-hacker class trapped in the analog Dying World
Extremely creative; adds lots of character and humor
Colors, layouts, and designs seamlessly blend cyberpunk and Mörk Borg
The l33t may slow reading, but it’s worth it.

…may also set itself as your desktop’s background

Mörk Svär

Concept: “MÖRK SFÄR (“dark sphere”) is a tabletop war/roleplaying game combining the aesthetic of MÖRK BORG with the universe of BattleTech”
Content: A battle plan for the invasion of Mörk Borg ascetics into BattleTech.
Writing: An outline. Narrative sketch, and concept design notes to establish a miserable fading sphere where humanity wars with giant mechs.
Art/design: It’s an outline, what do you expect? Frescoes?
Usability: An open invitation to expand the concept. 

Mud Future

Concept: “A science-fiction hellscape for MÖRK BORG, where the desperate folk try to survive as capitalism slowly destroys the world”
Includes alternate Miseries, gear, enemies, and rules for Powers
Tone is appropriately bitter with a subtle undertone of humor
Aesthetics are a luxury alien to your cyber-scvm
Content is organized into neat, self-contained categories

Øcculus Webmaster

“Bornin the meatscape, raised in the Mäinframe; your eyes augmented with a silverblack graft.”

Psyber Devangelist and other Psi-Sci-Fi

Concept: “Electricity, metal, wires, chemistry, circuitry, flesh, blood, a cryptic power—all twisted together to form… you.”
  A dystopian cyber-horror class with special gear and 6 accompanying cosmic creatures
Combines sci-fi alienness with Mörk Borg grimness and humor
  Adapts Mörk Borg’s aesthetic with a neon future
A bit crowded in places, but overall nicely laid out with well-placed footnotes 


Concept: “Something has gone wrong, and you’ll have to explore the ship to find out what.”
Content: A Dark Fort inspired solo game set in the world of Death in Space
Writing: Concise and engaging setting and mechanics, full of classic Sci-Fi references.
Art/design: Crisp black and white layout that’s easier to navigate than the vastness of space. Grim cover art to remind you of the consequences if you fail.
Usability: A self-contained, fast paced, solo game. Easy to play during any decompression cycle. English & Japanese versions.
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