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character traits

Scvmbirther Exclusive Content

Concept: “A Compiled PDF of all Scvmbirther exclusive content with rules for using it at the table!”
Content: Additional class abilities for Fanged Deserter and Wretched Royalty as well as optional results for weapons, armor, gear, Terrible Traits, Broken Bodies, and Bad Habits rolls; includes directions for incorporating content into character creation
Writing: On par with the core book’s quality
Art/design: Primarily typographical, but choices make for easy reading and use
Usability: A minimally intrusive way to add new content to character generation  


Concept: “A collection of terrible traits, bad habits, and bodily features” (featured in Scvmbirther)
Additional quirks and foibles to flesh out characters
Very aligned with Nilsson’s grit and wit
Conservative but still thematically aligned; some clever use of sub/superscript
A handy supplement for a high-mortality game

Note: Published prior to release of formal third-party license; semi-semi-official-ish

Scvmfurther 2: Scvmfurtherer

Concept: “Another collection of terrible traits, bad habits, and bodily features” (featured in Scvmatorium)
Even more quirks and foibles to flesh out (or in some cases de-flesh) characters
Just look at the title—how could this be bad?
Conservative but includes characteristic elements like multiple typefaces and highlighting
Yet more options for players with perennially unlucky characters

Suffering Extended

Concept: “Alternative rules and extended content”
Includes new options for starting equipment, companions, class-specific unarmed attacks, weapons, artifacts, armor, critical hit locations, bad habits, familiars, names, pack animals, minor items, and musical instruments
Captures the core book’s grim humor and tone
Strong Mörk Borg aesthetic; sets itself apart with blue that harkens back to the core rulebook
Well laid out; available in single page and spread versions for convenience

Tales from the Gutter - MÖRK BORG

Concept: “Inherit a vicious baby wyrm. Die during character creation. Become a contortionist. Get mocked by your fellow players. Get an objective and hidden motivations. Wield strange new powers. Beg, cheat, and steal.”
Content: A life path character generator for scvm like us.
Writing: Dramatic (and strange) scenarios provide texture for player improvisation at the table. 
Art/design: Colored lithographic print backgrounds provide a consistent visual style across the life path. Text boxes, visual guides, and color coded text allow for creative elements of the layout to remain easily navigable.
Usability: Clear visual indications for instructive text establish clear session 0 expectations. Requires the group to be present and engaged to be utilized fully.

Terribler, Brokener, Badder

Concept: “More optional character creation tables”
d66 tables of terribler traits, brokener bodies, and badder habits
Each entry is quick and concise but with plenty of roleplay potential
Laid out and designed for easy use, but includes some fun typographic easter eggs
A solid expansion of the core book’s options

Tormentous Tragedies

Concept: “An expanded list of miserable histories, backgrounds, and inescapably dire crimes”
20 more options for character backgrounds; some strange and horrifying (and thoroughly appropriate) options
Quick, concise snippets expressing some truly torturous traits
Matches the original Troubling Tales layout nicely without simply mimicking it point-for-point
“Roll a d20 or tear the paper to shreds and pick whichever tale is most legible.”

You Repugnant Hunters

Concept: “Players acquire hunting seals which allow them to hunt monstrosities too putrid for the average hero.”
Rules for monster-of-the-week play, unique scvm advancement, and tools of evisceration.
Writing: Disgustingly evocative prose, disturbingly flexible mechanics, and visceral handouts.
Art/design: Bloody two-tone style with art and layout that’s both slick and gritty.
Usability: Separate player rules handout to facilitate spoiler free reference. Hunting seal handouts provide quick visual cue of advanced character abilities and role in a hunting party.

This entry was sponsored by DW Dagon as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.
"‘YOU REPUGNANT HUNTERS’ has rules and some sticky flavor for running a dark/metal fantasy campaign where players acquire hunting seals which allow them to hunt monstrosities too putrid for the average hero. Hunters undergo a ritual to get a Hunting Insignia which will determine their style of hunting and type of prey. Hunting down and ceremonially eviscerating unique prey will lead to appeasing a Hunting Insignia, and gaining occult powers and gross-yet-handy items."
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