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Against the Cult of the Blood God

“They caught you. No judge, no jury, just an executioner. In a desolate hamlet somewhere between Galgenbeck and Schleswig, they dragged you into a cellar and cast you into a pit. A miserable bunch, waiting for the gallows to be reared.”


Concept: “Escape the dungeon of the Shadow King!”
An adventure for the Sölitary Defilement solo-play ruleset; includes scenario setup, encounters, NPCs, special rooms, and rules for backtracking
Well written and easy to read with evocative language that helps build the experience
Designed and laid out for clarity and ease of use, but the colors and chain graphics provide some appropriate character
Requires Sölitary Defilement to play solo, but also makes a pretty good random dungeon generator for standard play as well

The Burning Gash

“Imprisoned for a crime you most certainly committed, you need to escape. However, in your first hours in the Gash, you meet someone and need to either take them with you or take them out.”
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