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Level 20: Lair of the Flesh-Diver

“SEE! Bodies that have been recently eaten, or being eaten! 
HEAR! The sounds of flesh being digested and the screams of insane cannibalistic monsters! 
SMELL! The stink of burning flesh and rotting biological matter! 
TASTE! Rosemary sausage! 
TOUCH! Nothing, if you're smart! 
LOOT! Dangerous custom cutlery! 
KILL! Hordes of hungry, darkness-dwelling denizens!”
Content: A deep dive into a dark cannibal dungeon.
Writing: Sensorial text provides an in-depth and narrative description of events and encounters.
Art/design: Traditional adventure layout highlighted by eerie maps, depictions of butcher’s tools, and flushed purple accents.
Usability: The level of detail may require some review before your session.