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Dead Reign

Concept: “Ash falls upon a dying world, abandoned by dead gods. You wake alone, forsaken, and wander a place once familiar… To you, this ashen world was bequethed, this Dead Reign.”
Content: A new setting with 10 bleak locations to explore, 7 enemies to haunt the present, and many tables filled with forlorn reminders of the past.
Writing: Strong thematic elements depict a world that is already spent. A world past ending. An empty place waiting for the last ember to blow out.
Art/design: Desolate and eerie landscapes with haunted and sinister figures. Design elements reinforce a world that was left behind.
Usability: A melancholy font of inspiration, with writing that invites readers to wander their ashen world, and leave their own mark upon it. Available in English and Swedish.

Forbidden Psalm

Concept: “Vriprix the Mad Wizard bids the desperate, brave and foolish to venture into the ruins of Kergus. He seeks the forbidden psalm.”
A full, stand-alone 28mm wargame based on (and compatible with) Mörk Borg
There’s a lot of it—which is necessary for a tactics game—but it’s straightforward and clear in its exposition
A balance of familiar graphic and typographic maneuvers balanced with the technical clarity and readability demanded by a more complex system
A more methodical, strategically oriented game, but a good fit for fans of wargames and Mörk Borg

Forbidden Psalm: Last War

Concept: “The Great War, World War, War to End All Wars: the only true name it has is The Last War, for now there remain not enough people to fight another.”
Content: A 28mm miniature agnostic small-scale skirmish game set in the wastes of the Last War.
Writing: Tangible combat mechanics cut through the false justifications, the final plague, and the fog that remains to reveal the of true horrors of The Last War.
Art/design: Ragged illustrations full of the dull palette and subdued tension of the trenches. Official documents mix with marginalia in a found document style.
Usability: Standalone rules for solo, cooperative, and versus miniature engagements.

Letters of the Damned

Concept: “A supplement for Quill that immerses the player in the dark fantasy world of MÖRK BORG”
A letter-writing solo game
Expressive but clear in its descriptive and instructional text
Includes some public domain illustrations and other visual elements for variety and appeal; text is presented efficiently and arranged appropriately according to density per page
Requires Quill rules to play; could also be used as inspiration for, or a mini-game in, standard Mörk Borg


Concept: “Build the family tree of a fictional ruling family.  Record the monstrosities they faced and the choices they made.”
A solo journaling game based on
Lineage and set in the courts of the Dying World
Establishes the bleak tone intended for gameplay with lots of variety in the table results
Layouts vary from section to section for easier visual navigation when flipping/scrolling
Linearly laid out for progress through each ruler’s lifespan; also a good source of adventure hooks and long-term plots for standard games

Minimal Borg

“An alternative take on the entire MÖRK BORG rules, with some alternative classes”

Mörk Borg Lite!

Concept: “A pretty not-good April Fools joke.”
A business card-size spoof of Mörk Borg
There is only one rule: you die and the world ends
Condenses the aesthetic into an itty-bitty space
In no way does this qualify as a real game

Mörk Maus

Concept: “This zine, although it looks super Mörk Borg, is not compatible with that metal game.”
The Mörk Borg lore, atmosphere, and aesthetic adapted as a nuclear disaster setting for the Mausritter RPG
Equal parts entertaining, endearing, and horrifying
Each contributor captures and conveys the look and feel of Mörk Borg but with appropriate, frequently humorous twists
I don’t know Mausritter’s rules, but this makes it look pretty user-friendly


“An adaptation of the setting and tone of MÖRK BORG to the ruleset of OZR”

Shadowrun (Earthdawn) Race Templates for Mork Borg

Concept: “add Shadowrun (Earthdawn) Racial (Dwarf, Elf, Ork and Troll) Abilities and Racial Modifiers to either Character Classes or NPCs.”
Content: A procedure for applying Shadowrun templates to Scvm of all kinds.
Writing: Rules to modify abilities during character generation and apply race specific features to your Scvm. 
Art/design: Un-ornamented, pragmatic rules reference.
Usability: Straightforward mod with clear rules implications. 

Trench Coats and Trench Cats Last War Expansion

Concept: “New Horrors of War Spotted
Strange things have been reported from the front this week.”
Content: Trench coats. Trench cats. Trench warfare. New scenarios
Writing: Amusing variety of coats and cats—and trench warfare.
Art/design: Public domain depictions of aggressive cats, bell ringers, whisky drinking horse skulls. A terrifying miniature of a bloody creature. All in a newspaper layout.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm: Last War
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