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Greyson Yandt

Seven Palms for Seven Psalms

Concept: “A strange Misery-stopping friend”
An esoteric NPC with fun metagame mechanics and flair
Well-crafted flavor text, stat block and abilities, and a pair of games
Absurdly appropriate graphics and smart division of text blocks
Text-heavy but with few moving parts

Stone and Rock

Concept: “Searching for a lost treasure in a cave at the base of a mountain, wrong turns in a maze of tunnels only took you fumbling deeper into the earth.”
An abstract dungeon bursting with content
Writing: Copious instructions for travel, tables for encounters, stat blocks for denizens, and some unique loot
Background adds color and character, but mostly devoted to text
Much enhanced by arrows connecting relevant sections of text

The Occult Ossuary

28 contributors
Concept: “27 pieces exhumed from the depths of lavish graves, themed around skeletons, bones and skulls.”
“Classes, items, companions, monsters and encounters created by sacrilegious mind.”
A variety of styles, all appropriate to their content
Worth downloading just to check out the range of art and layouts
Complexity varies by entry but consistently easy to use

Unstable Bower

Concept: “Rules don’t apply to you—not the normal ones, at least.”
Content: A Scvm who brings cards to a dice fight.
Writing: Truly masterful mechanical phvckery that manages to feel strikingly unique in play and remarkably familiar in outcome.
Art/design: Satirized Mörk Borg Cult aesthetics hint at its corrupting influence on gameplay.
Usability: Pick a card, any card. Seriously... bring some phvcking cards. 
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