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Boring & Useless

“You loot the corpse of your fallen foe. Searching frantically through its pockets, pouches and bags you find...”

Bork Borg

Concept: “Drastically increases the quantity and variety of dog options”
Dog breeds, dog-related items, an optional dog-based class, rules for dog PCs (with their own optional classes), and a dog-centered adventure
Clearly and affectionately written with a clever shift to the dog’s POV in the dog-PC section
Designed for easy reading and navigation with graphic touches like a dog-head border and pawprints across pages
Sit. Stay. Good.

Börk Morgue #666

Concept: “An unofficial zine for a Dying World with words and design”
Random tables, optional rules for dice & powers & armor/weapons/combat, pointy teeth, monsters & NPCs … and a Börk Morgue & a Maus Borg
Presented with a personable tone with plenty of wry wit
Art/design: Loaded with Mörk Borg aesthetic elements, color, and some creative layouts
Adds some deeper complexity in some areas (especially complex) and some irreverent variety all around

Böwhoss’ handbook: notes on internal ignition

Concept: “In this volume you will find the most noteworthy, dangerous and strange encounters of my recent voyages.”
A variety of NPCs, monsters, and other hazards as well as a new scroll, a malevolent mushroom, an optional Misery-related madness, a relatively benign tavern, and a much less benign inn
The first-person POV and travelogue style have a folksy and often irreverent tone
Typefaces, engravings, and paintings reinforce the concept while other graphic elements lend some insidious and esoteric atmosphere
Includes player-facing handouts that include lore but no mechanics or GM-specific information

Box of Shadows

Concept: “The dry cracked earth of the city now spews a scentless dark black fog. … Rumors of this substance taking form and hunting down those that travel without a lamp or torch have become ever more prevalent.”
A sprawling sandbox-style adventure set amidst a sinister miasma emerging in Grift
Incorporates copious descriptions, in-game documents, and random tables to add flavor to play; also includes numerous monsters, NPCs, and items
Incorporates original and found art into exuberant designs and diverse layouts
Includes copious reference sheets, handouts, and topic-specific indices for GMs and players to use during play; GM-eyes-only material is segregated to facilitate more exciting solo play

Candelabra of Blood

Concept: “It's a candelabra. Of blood. It uses hit points to summon Blood Drenched Skeletons. Or it might turn you into a skeleton. You get to decide.”
The concept pretty much sums it up.
Two clear and concise sentences
A suitably gory figure with a floral ground that keeps the black and white spaces visually interesting
For the GM, straightforward; for PCs, potentially lethal and hilarious (unless you’re another PC—then it’s even more lethal)

Crawling Death Below the Dying Forest

Concept: “Beneath the dying forest lies wealth beyond comprehension, magicks all-powerful, and ancient evils which must be stopped!”
A shifting abyssal dungeon crawl with cursed relics, virulent creations, cults, and deep roots.
Epic narrative in scope and scale. A truly impressive creature.
Vicious mixed-media art, earthy maps, and a MASSIVE 23-page table of 54 encounters with accompanying maps.
Generate abysms of varying size with the Atmar’s Cardography deck or dice. Supports 4 adventure themes. Connect them all into one labyrinthine abyssal sprawl.

Cthork Borg

Concept: “Gloomy gilded age struggles against cosmic horror”
A full adaptation of the Mörk Borg core system for weird, investigative horror in the early 20th century
An appropriate mix of clear instructional text with more evocative descriptions
More traditional layout and design than some releases, but the colors and illustrations establish the setting and tone well
At 120 pages, a bit heftier than the norm

Additional supplements for this conversion are available on the creator's itch page.

d100 Items and Trinkets

Concept: The title says it all
Content: Great for adding colorful details to rooms, corpses, etc.
Writing: Concise but compelling
Art/design: Illustration sets the tone; typography maintains easy readability
Usability:  Roll a d100 or throw a small dagger

d100 Mundane Items

Concept: “Here you will find only those broken, useless things that others have discarded. Which is perhaps why you have found them, broken and useless as you are.”
Content: A list of 100 minor baubles with optional descriptors
Writing: Provides plenty of interesting curios to populate rooms, trash heaps, bazars, corpses, etc.
Art/design: Provides plenty of interesting curios to populate rooms, trash heaps, bazars, corpses, etc.
Usability: Roll d100, consult table, repeat

d30 Necromantic Trappings

Concept: “Summoning the dead and communicating with their spirits is not a vocation for either the foolhardy or ill-prepared.”
Content: For each 3+ items, holder gets a bonus for keeping undead followers
Writing: A suitably macabre roster of items and fetishes
Art/design: Hue and images reinforce the sepulchral tone
Usability: Easy to use and read, letting you devote your attention to wrangling skeletons

d30 Sorcerer’s Possessions

Concept: “The dark arts require more than just the use of unclean scrolls.”
Content: Collect 5 or more and get one auto crit per day when using unclean scrolls
Writing: Some practical items and others simply for flavor or creative use
Art/design: Designed for easy use but includes some esoteric trappings in the background
Usability: A neat tool for spicing up Powers

D3 Items

Concept: “The crumpled body of a dead priest […] Lost in the struggle d3 trinkets lie scattered.”
3 holy items, two with mixed benefits and drawbacks and one with only bad consequences
A paragraph for each, mixing mechanical with qualitative effects
All 3 items are illustrated in the central image; typographical variety in introductory text and item titles contributes to the visual texture and overall tone
Clearly delineated blocks for each item; descriptive text is sans serif for easy reading

d40 Exotic Artifacts

Concept: “Strange curios from long forgotten lands or items of power held by ancient sorcerers and magi?”
Content: A collection of items mostly for flavor but potentially useful for creative problem-solving
Writing: Provides some character and flavor outside the Mörk Borg norm
Art/design: Color and design support the concept and writing’s character
Usability: If you can’t find a d40, just divide a d80 in half

d40 Medical Implements

Concept: “The dying world is a dangerous place.  Healing wounds and treating infections is crucial to living just a little longer.”
Content: A collection of items useful for healing in lieu of other means
Writing: Describes a plethora of items and uses
Art/design: Medical flair of the symbolic type
Usability: d40: roll a d4 & a d10 in sequence like you would for a d100, then subtract 9

d50 Alchemy Supplies

Concept:“These alchemy supplies could mean the difference between living a little longer or dying an ignominious death.”
Content: Mechanically sparse, but plenty of objects that could be used in practical and creative ways
Writing: Includes some detailed entries with a variety of uses and purposes
Art/design: Laid out for easy use and reference
Usability: May require some googling of substances and materials

d50 Shamanic Tools

Concept: “These sacred artifacts can enhance your magical formulae, help you call upon the spirits, aid in healing the sick, or permit you to curse your enemies.”
Content: Besides titular list of nature-themed items, includes options for increasing presence and Omens
Writing: Delivers information simply with no undue fuss
Art/design: A straightforward layout with a background that lends flavor and ambience
Usability: Individual items primarily contribute to the buffs mentioned above

d66 Martial Items

Concept: “Pick it up. Hold it. Feels good, doesn’t it? Heavy in your hand. Strong. You could make them pay with this. You could make them all pay.”
Content: A roster of weapons and armor with some new combat mechanics
Writing: Mostly descriptive but with an entertaining introduction
Art/design: Text arranged in neat blocks for easy navigation and reference
Usability: Vertically oriented text could present some inconvenience on certain screens

D66 Presents from Santa

“This is a wonderful list of definitely not cursed gifts from Santa.”

D8 Holy Items of the Church of the Two-Headed Basilisk

Concept: “Holy Items in the possession of the Church of the Two-Headed Basilisk to be looted or stolen by your players”
A roster of sacred artifacts and relics
Clear descriptions of item’s functions in a grimly spiritual tone
8 short paragraphs with some incidental illustrations; palimpsest effect adds visual character
An interesting mix of beneficial and dangerous special abilities

Damned in Darkness

“A chaotic dungeon dash through gore fueled horror”

Dark Reliquary of Kurgoth

“Eight different artefacts you can use in any campaign, with art and rules”

Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest

Concept: “You are lost. You are dead.”
A random pointcrawl through Sarkash, 6 original thematic classes, and optional rules and gear that add more conceptual depth and distinction without straying from the Mörk Borg core
Brooding and grim with an undertone of forlorn optimism; extremely effective in conveying the intended tone and atmosphere
Visually diverse art and typographical choices unified by a focus on the setting and themes
Deliberately deals with sexism and trauma; intended as a self-contained module, but the adventure and classes can be used with other Mörk Borg content

Drafts: Dead Girl Classes, Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest, Encounters in Sarkash Forest

Dead Reign

Concept: “Ash falls upon a dying world, abandoned by dead gods. You wake alone, forsaken, and wander a place once familiar… To you, this ashen world was bequethed, this Dead Reign.”
Content: A new setting with 10 bleak locations to explore, 7 enemies to haunt the present, and many tables filled with forlorn reminders of the past.
Writing: Strong thematic elements depict a world that is already spent. A world past ending. An empty place waiting for the last ember to blow out.
Art/design: Desolate and eerie landscapes with haunted and sinister figures. Design elements reinforce a world that was left behind.
Usability: A melancholy font of inspiration, with writing that invites readers to wander their ashen world, and leave their own mark upon it. Available in English and Swedish.

Death's Head at a Feast

Concept: “A new group of antagonists and a new ability for Mörk Borg player characters”
Includes a filthiness score mechanic, new sacred and unclean scrolls, and mechanics for rerolling failed tests (and additional effects for outcomes)
Primarily devoted to mechanics but includes some introductory descriptive text
Text-heavy but stylized with blackletter (sometimes yellowletter) and some illustrations for macabre flavor
Requires tracking an additional filthiness quantity, but the mechanics are simple

Death Witch

Concept: “The unclean blessing of Nechrubel is on you. WORK IT!”
An archetypal witch class with 10 new unclean and sacred Powers
Clearly written and easy to understand
Easy-to-use layout and a lovely Klimt sketch; nicely emulates the feel of an old, well-used spellbook
Modifies the penalties for failed Powers for a different but still challenging spellcasting experience;  particularly fun use of d6s and modifiers in Draw Down the Doom, which is specific to this class

Deck of Consumption

Concept: “Use a deck of mundane cards to easily bring forth time’s suffering: hungering stomaches, extinguished lanterns, and wandering monsters.”
Content: Rules to measure time, light, and suffering—with a deck of cards.
Writing: Clear and flexible rules for time management. Alongside explanations of their consequences/benefits.
Art/design: A surprisingly content dead king presides over the whole presentation.
Usability: Requires a deck of playing cards. 

Deck of Evil Objects

Concept: “Use this deck when you, the GM, wish to add a random object of evil to the campaign.”
A 15-card deck with 3 additional cards (2 for the Deck of Treasures and 1 for the Deck of Secrets)
The descriptions will make you want to use these even though the mechanics will probably kill your character
Sets the tone well without overcrowding a small space
Draw a card. Read the card. Repeat.
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