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Sanguine Shadow

Concept: “It can smell the sweet nectar in your veins, past all the shit, grime, and perspiration... and it's hungry, scvm!”
A Nosferatu-style vampire fit for Mörk Borg
A short, concise stat block with efficient descriptions of special abilities
Yellow text pops against the cool, muted illustration, helping emphasize core stats and important characteristics
Don’t put your fingers near its mouth


Concept: “Something has gone wrong, and you’ll have to explore the ship to find out what.”
Content: A Dark Fort inspired solo game set in the world of Death in Space
Writing: Concise and engaging setting and mechanics, full of classic Sci-Fi references.
Art/design: Crisp black and white layout that’s easier to navigate than the vastness of space. Grim cover art to remind you of the consequences if you fail.
Usability: A self-contained, fast paced, solo game. Easy to play during any decompression cycle. English & Japanese versions.


Concept: “One of the deepest and darkest mysteries in MÖRK BORG, the identity of Tergol.”
An overview of the character and ways to depict and incorporate “him” into your game; no mechanical content
Embraces the characters amorphousness and offers lots of suggestions without definitively pinning down identity, agenda, or other character traits
Designed for easy reading; color and art choices provide a distinctly Mörky flavor
More of a pre-session resource rather than something to be used at the table

The Leper Espoused

Concept: “The masked mother of the babe that will end the world.”
Content: An IKHON representing all that is filthy and unwanted (like your Scvm)
Writing: Rules bursting with narrative
Art/design: Sickeningly detailed art with slick graphical design elements.
Usability: A boon to any Scvm with the fortitude to accept THE Leper’s blessing. 

The Necromancer

Concept: “A fragile, yet powerful class with the literal powers over life and death... if they can survive long enough.”
A versatile and potentially powerful/short-lived class
Clear descriptions of abilities with plenty of grim diction & imagery mixed in
Revised version visually separates text from illustration, making it easier to read
Also gains a particular advantage when using items made of bone

The SHOCK Troop

Concept: “Thrown away by commanders to break the front lines of enemy soldiers, it's kill or be killed. Luckily for you, your body contains living lightning that you like to share with others.”
An electricity-based Tesla/WWI-inspired class
Standard class spread that’s concise but characterful
MBC-inspired layout that uses blue as a nice contrast to Borgy yellow
Do not use in standing water or lightning storms

Tyrant of the Highest

Concept: “The most wretched of royalty, Tyrant of this dying world, the evil born in a manger”
Content: An IKHON of the Tyrant and the End, an apocalypse in defiance of 7:7.
Writing: Testament language full of brimstone and death.
Art/design: Black and white, with hints of the blood to come. Organized, Inevitable, Psalms.
Usability: Deviates from IKHON usage slightly. Variant rules explained in opening spread. 

Undead Ascendant

Concept: “Death, is only the beginning. This message of enlightenment is to be shared by all... these teachers have come to teach.”  
Content: A telekinetic un-corpse. A follower or foe.
Writing: Enlightened in its brevity.
Art/design: Strikingly defined corpse imagery, haloed in pink, with vibrating yellow follower text.
Usability: Utilitarian follower, and hard-hitting opponent. Stay on its good side. 

Victrix Ludorum

Concept: “A gag class based on an inside joke on the Liber Ludorum discord.”
A character class all about stabbing people in the butt with a spear
Standard class profile and 4 special features … involving a butt spear
Layout and image modifications emphasize the stabbing-people-in-the-butt-with-a-spear concept
Did I mention it’s about stabbing people in the butt with a spear?

VVil-boar, the Soul Eater

Concept: “The soul-sucking body of some pig”
No head but filled with rage
Includes stats, lore, and an extended adventure seed
Type, color, and layout differentiate textual components for easy use
Has the potential to kill or maim PCs merely by encountering (not even fighting) them
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