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John Bannister
Database & Web Design
Liberal Applier of Yellow

Derek Gustafson
General Support
Archivist Taunter

Hekate V. Lunasri
Consulting, Compliance Outreach & Data Entry
Adjective Noun of Verb

Matt McGlincy
Consulting & Data Entry/Migration
Chief Data Mucker

Benjamin Sherwood
Moral Support

Walton Wood
Founder & Bibliographer
The Dog Man


The ELMB/ELRPG backers whose interest and support helped us make this a reality.


“We handle these antiquities with care — we take them to our heavens — not because of their virtues but because they are our responsibility. ... Not as one owes a debt but as one makes a commitment, compelled by love and duty, whether the objects seem — to us, to others, to themselves — deserving or not ‘on the merits.’ Rizpah’s love — not blind to fault or deceived, but consciously chosen exactly because virtue — not least the virtue of such works — is so uncertain.”

Jerome McGann, Are the Humanities Inconsequent?

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