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Lake of Oil

Concept: “Will you embrace the Fish?”
A dungeon focused on a flaming fish, sacred fire, and the fellers that worship them
Fairly concise and focused more on actionable content, letting the map convey visual character and atmosphere
Large, yellow room numbers against a greyscale (but nicely illustrated) map make navigation easy for GMs; descriptions are presented alongside or overlaying the relevant locations
Highly flammable

This entry was sponsored by Philip Meagher as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.
“Just a very simple and fun dungeon! Well laid out and easy to understand, my player had dark vision (playing a night witch) and refused the torch to look cool but was shocked when the Feller turned aggressive! There’s a lot of room for things to go sideways as well though my player suggested editing the riddle by removing the third line to make it a bit harder and to have a chance at all hell breaking loose. Overall an excellent dungeon!”